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CTA is an orginazation of individuals that are out to show the underground life of the wookie community. Each individual is scheduled "Tasks" to help the wookie become known to all individuals, in either a good, or a bad way, whatever will get out to the public.

People like to mock the wookie, they think of them as a joke to society. Actually, the wookie is just as good, if not better than mankind. People tend to make names for the wookies, such as "walking carpet", "fuzzball", "stupid dog faced ass fucker", etc. We here at CTA are here to give wookies a better name, wether it be "friend" or "foe", as long as they are not there is not a picture of them for the common furball in the dictonary. It will end!

As of now... The number of wookies on staff is low, more will join as the time passes. Wookies are all around us, in the corner store, in your bakery, in your bath tub, and even your banks...there is no escape. Dont try to run, wookies are in the police, the air force, the navy, the military, even GOD himself is a wookie. So when your in an alley way all alone, dont talk shit about a wookie, or arms will be ripped from bodies!

Please visit the website at www.CTA.u4l.com
It is not complete, but in a mater of weeks, this will be a national matter.

thank you
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